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we are committed to total transparency about our products.

Since inception, Almasry Modern Food Industries (AMFI) was guided by a clear vision and concept for Development and Growth. AMFI is a leading Co. that complete the circle of meat, industry starting from choosing the highest quality of breed and growing them in a special natural grain feed without any hormonal or growth enhancement substances (in partner’s farms) till sending them to a slaughter house and back to our deboning unit for preparation of the meat to the international cuts following the international specifications and regulations to introduce to the market the finest quality Egyptian meat
(Beef, Veal and Lamp).

Our Philosophy

We took the approach of “filtering the risks out of the meat supplies at our factory door, to the doorstep of our client establishments”, thus,giving meat a new kind of ‘respectability’ in every step of the process“from the farm to the fork”.

Our organization has bare-developed to stay nimble and responsive to market needs. And systems are developed to provide solutions to future issues that may arise. Building on the strength of AMFI, we seek to continue product and service differentiation. We adopt a highly service oriented / partnership in-success approach with our clients to support our products…

Our services
Our services are derived towards two categories
A- Our client
1- Helping in choosing the meat cut due to our big product varieties that the end helps in lowering the total meat budget
2- Arrange for training courses for the personnel dealing with meat to train them the proper way of meat handling to achieve the better results and tender meat.
B- Our dealers
We are supporting our dealers with every way we can starting from introducing a first quality product to supporting them with a technical team that is helping them for marketing the products

Our approach

We have developed a collaborative product-and service oriented partnership in success approach with our clients. Our target market is the quality-conscious and investment-oriented local and international clients in the catering and food service retail (hotels and restaurants) businesses. We adopt a focused, qualitative approach towards our clients, where we worked on understanding the needs of our distinguished clients. To provide them with a range of products, tailored to their specific needs, adding value and variety to our product.

To deliver on our promise, we provided competitive, well-studied prices, based on continuous butcher testing using only top quality, prime Egyptian meat. We compete with the market at the level of the cost per portion presented to our client’s guests. Consistency and timely delivery is another trademark of our service approach.

Our History

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What we do

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Certificates & Awards

what we achive and what we deliver
Almasry co. for modern food industries
Alsadat city - 4th. industrial area
Head Office: 5 Nafoura Square
Tel: 25051663-25051669

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we are committed to total transparency about our products.