Bovine Master

Since inception in 2004, “Bovine master” has been serving the exacting standards of chefs of high scale hotels, restaurants and air catering companies.

We have earned our reputation based upon one guiding principal – NEVER COMPROMISE.

From hand selection of every piece of meat   to our meticulous handling ,keeping cold chain, experienced professional hand cutting and meeting international hygienic standards , every step of our process is performed to our exact specifications. 


  • We are proud that we were the first deboning unit in Egypt that invented two of the most sophisticated  service in the field of meat:
  • 1- Portion control system
  • 2- Dry aged beef steaks
  • 3- Cost cautious cuts


If you like and appreciate the flavor of good, fine , aged and mature cheddar cheese, and you are looking for mouth watering flavor and buttery tenderness , so you have to go through the unique experience of tasting  the enhanced concentrated flavor and buttery tenderness of DRY AGED BEEF that you can not find except in a very small number of upscale hotels and restaurants .

Dry Aging of the beef is an art more than science. It is keeping the beef unwrapped in well controlled environment for more than 28 days (without freezing or using any chemicals) to allow enzymes of the meat itself to breakdown the connective tissue (that increase tenderness) and allow excess water lose to concentrate the flavor to reach the extraordinary unique taste the can not be reached by any cooking method  

Dry ageing will give the difference in flavor and tenderness between steaks purchased at the grocery store from those ordered at fine and upscale hotel and restaurant.

Try our DRY AGED BEEF steaks and join the upscale, fine and fancy group of hotels and restaurants.


  • What does buying Portion Control Fresh Meat mean for you?
  • What does buying Portion Control Meat mean for you?
  • Saves Time and Money! Every steak the same size, the same cost, the same profit…Every Time! That’s making money and that’s what portion control means for you. Portion control reduces labor, eliminates waste, maintains quality, controls costs and simplifies ordering.
  • Reduces Labor: When you buy portion control meats , you no longer need to maintain an expensive meat cutter on staff and you can spend all of your precious time cutting meat. Every item is cut exactly the size you want… Every Time!
  • Eliminates Waste: Portion control meats are fully trimmed for 100% usable product. Our extended shelf life packaging maintains premium quality longer, which eliminates waste due to spoilage. Portion control also lets you maximize your storage space.